Decline Push-up

Exercise / Chest

About Decline Push Up

Starting position: Push up position. Feet resting on a stable elevated surface (bench, box…), hands on the ground.

The higher you place your feet, the harder it will be. Stabilising muscles in your shoulders have a lot work to do. Actually, doing Decline Push Ups on a stable surface requires more stabilisation in the shoulder are than doing Inclines on an unstable surface, says research.[1]

Want to make it even harder? Try lifting one leg off the surface while you perform Decline Push Ups. And don’t forget to switch legs 😉


Before doing the Push-Up, squeeze core and glutes to create a straight line from head to heel. Bend elbows to lower yourself down slowly until chest is just above the surface. Keep elbows close to the body during movement, don’t let them flare out. Inhale as you go down, exhale as you go up.

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Takeaway: With Decline Push Ups your muscles work harder, but the Incline Push Ups will give you a chance to target your lower chest better. Embrace all Push-Up variations! Here’s why Push Ups are so good…